Extinction Reality TV Show

 Can You Save the Human Race?

Humanity Faces Extinction

A reality TV show for the children of the world

The eco-warriors in Britain are making a reality TV show for the children entitled “Can You Save the Human Race? Humanity Faces Extinction” which is available to view on the Nick Martian channel on YouTube and links to all the videos can be found below.


It will probably take a miracle to save humanity from being driven to extinction by global warming but the eco-warriors believe that the first essential step must be a massive worldwide publicity campaign to publish and broadcast the truth about the threat of the imminent extinction of all life on earth, and to simultaneously offer our genuine solutions to the world before it becomes too late to ensure the survival of future generations.

The eco-warriors in Britain have already achieved a huge amount of mainstream media attention during the road protests in the 1990s and right up to the present day with our ongoing protests and campaigns to stop the continuing destruction of the planet, and we have been filming the true story of the environmental movement for many years.

Our reality tv show for the children entitled “Can You Save the Human Race? and subtitled “Humanity Faces Extinction” is based on our genuine behind the scenes footage of all the major protests that we have planned and organised over the years.

The first five hour-long episodes were filmed at the Camp for Climate Action at Heathrow Airport in August 2007 and they are entitled “Can You Save the Human Race?” and subtitled “The Kids Are Revolting!” and they tell the story of the children’s revolution at the climate camp from the point of view of the children of the eco-warriors.

Our films show the background to the Heathrow No Third Runway protest and they feature the kids’ march from the site of the Camp for Climate Action all the way to Sipson village where John McDonnell MP, Guardian environment correspondent George Monbiot, and NoTRAG founder Alf Pierra made speeches from the Rinky Dink microphone to an assembled audience of eco-warriors, local residents, and bored police officers.

The kids’ march carried on to Harmondsworth village and from there we proceeded to join in with the protest outside the BAA offices near Heathrow Airport where the riot police fought the climate campers but failed to stop them from closing down the office building for 24 hours.

The second series of our reality tv show was filmed at the Camp for Climate Action at the Kingsnorth power station in August 2008 and there are nine hour-long episodes entitled “Can You Save the Human Race? and subtitled “The Children Are the Future”.

The films show the Climate Caravan march from the Harlington Baptist church near Heathrow Airport to Kingsnorth, the battles with the riot police at the gates of the climate camp, and the final Day of Mass Action protest outside the power station where there were speeches from local activists and politicians and songs and music from assorted protest musicians together with the Carbon Town Cryer who is now known as Hedge Mustard.

The next series of our reality tv show was filmed at the Bilderberg Fringe Festival which was held at the entrance to the Grove hotel in Watford England in June 2013 and organised by Charlie Skelton and his wife Hannah Borno with Eleanor Wilson the founder of the Passing Clouds alternative club in Hackney, and a little help from the eco-warriors.

There are four one hour-long episodes which show how we managed to blow the whistle on the secret meeting of the Bilderberg Conference which is the sinister world government controlled by the banks and the transnational corporations that illegally employ most of the politicians in the western world to ensure that the global capitalist system continues to destroy the earth and fight endless wars to steal oil and natural resources from third world countries.

There were almost four hundred citizen journalists covering the event for the social networking sites on the internet along with journalists, photographers, and tv crews from the entire world news media who also turned up to publish and broadcast from the festival which featured David Icke and Alex Jones of Infowars.com as the star attractions.

There are 40 hour-long episodes of the Cat Hill protest at Cockfosters on the border of the boroughs of Enfield and Barnet which started in February 2014 and which lasted all through the summer and into the autumn until alcoholics and drug addicts took over the site and violently attacked the eco-warriors.

The films are entitled “Can You Save the Human Race?” and subtitled “The Grannies Are Revolting!” and they show a number of local elderly grandmothers declaring their concern for the future survival of their children and grandchildren and fighting their battles against the corrupt property developers London and Quadrant to stop the demolition of the Middlesex university campus and the destruction of the adjacent woodlands which was full of endangered species like bats, newts, dormice, and herons.

The Grannies Revolution was supported by Occupy Barnet which was the local activist campaign group that helped the local residents save the Frien Barnet library the previous year, and they helped to bring in even more eco-warriors to join the Cat Hill protest which ultimately failed to stop the disputed development but which attracted a lot of media attention to the environmental cause.

The Cat Hill campaign was the first time that the eco-warriors in Britain actually publicly named one of our protest sites “The School For Eco-Warriors” where we helped recruit and educate newcomers to the environmental movement and openly described the site as being a training camp for the World Revolution to save the human race from extinction.

The next series of our reality tv show was filmed at the protest by local people and their kids supported by the Barnet Bohemians who were helping fight against the planned demolition of the children’s nursery at Dollis Valley where Barnet Council was planning to evict all the residents from the housing estate and build luxury mansions for sale to wealthy foreigners.

The series of four hour-long videos is entitled “Can You Save the Human Race?” and subtitled “Humanity Faces Extinction” and they tell the story of the children’s revolution at Dollis Valley.

“Can You Save the Human Race? – Humanity Faces Extinction” is also the title of the next six hour-long episodes of our reality tv show which cover the protest at Sweets Way where Barnet Council had already violently evicted hundreds of women and children from their homes on the Sweets Way estate, employing vicious bailiffs to drag them out by their hair kicking and screaming before throwing all their possessions into the street.

The eco-warriors moved in with our School for Eco-Warriors once again to help the Barnet Bohemians who were virtually single-handedly supporting the local mothers and their children trying to stop the demolition of their homes, and who were getting a lot of television and newspaper publicity from Russell Brand who kindly handed out ice creams to the kids and made speeches for the tv cameras.

The eco-warriors occupied many of the houses on the Sweets Way estate that had been wrecked by the corrupt property developers and we declared our independence from the government of Great Britain and renamed our own compound “Sweetstopia” and we built a concrete wall at both ends with a watch tower and barricades to keep out the police, the security guards, and the bailiffs.

When we finally lost all our court cases and the eviction finally occurred it was like a Mad Max movie with dozens of riot police, bailiffs, fire engines, ambulances, and tv crews from all the national tv channels falling over each other to film the chaos and the protesters on the roofs defying attempts by the bailiffs to remove them with cherry pickers.

“This protest site looks just like a post-apocalyptic movie set or a training ground for the riot police” was how the eviction of Sweetstopia was described by Channel Four News at the time.

The Barnet Bohemians and the eco-warriors occupied the old Sequoia night club which was only about 100 yards away from Barnet council’s “Barnet Homes” offices just before Christmas 2015, and we set up a charity shop inside the cold and draughty building and attempted to create a community centre for the local people to use for meetings and events.

When we were evicted and forced out of the building the bailiffs helped us move all our stuff outside and we set up our second hand shop on the patio which was actually on the public highway, and we carried on publicising the truth about the imminent extinction of the human race by continuing to display our banners “The School For Eco-Warriors”, “Noah’s Ark Campaign”, “Humanity Faces Extinction”, “Save the South Pacific Islands”, and “Stop Global Warming”.

The eco-warriors will continue filming our reality tv show entitled “Can You Save the Human Race?” and subtitled “Humanity Faces Extinction” when we join in with the local residents’ protest against the planned Crossrail station in the middle of the Kings Road in Chelsea and the demolition of the historic Chelsea Farmers Market together with several housing estates in the area as well.

Our plan is to encourage the local residents of Chelsea to follow the script and emulate the characters in the Ealing Studios comedy film “Passport to Pimlico” and declare the independence of their whole neighbourhood from the British government and issue their own stamps, passports, and local currency and proudly fly their own flag proclaiming the existence of the newly-independent state of Chelsonia.

We intend to start the World Revolution to save the human race by creating the sustainable futuristic eco-village of tomorrow today in Chelsea to set an example to every other town, village, and city in the world of the way forward to stop global warming and save humanity from being driven to extinction as a result of the burning of fossil fuels.

The eco-warriors plan to form an alliance with the aristocracy and the middle aged middle class people of Middle England who are concerned about the survival of their children and grandchildren to help close down the corrupt capitalist system that is destroying the earth and killing the human race and introduce the new alternative political and economic system of the future based on the principles of localisation, environmentalism, and environmental economics.

Our vision is to help create the most amazing eco-village the world has ever seen with the whole of the Chelsea area being transformed into the community of the future that is capable of being totally self sufficient in all their own needs and able to withstand the ravages of climate change and protect their own local environment from the coming flooding and all the rest of the environmental horrors and disasters that the scientists keep warning us about all the time now.

The eco-warriors will help provide the local residents of Chelsea, Knightsbridge, Kensington, Earls Court, and Chiswick, with solar power and wind turbines for the micro-generation of electricity so that the entire neighbourhood will be able to go off-grid, and we will also show everyone how to use permaculture and grow their own food with local farms and become completely independent of their existing reliance on the fossil fuel industries, the banks, the huge transnational corporations, and the corrupt western governments.

We will be filming the story of the local protests against the so-called “gentrification” of Chelsea and surrounding areas and the transformation of one of the oldest, most famous, wealthiest, and most influential areas of Britain as it happens, and inviting the entire mainstream media of the whole world to report the news about how the local people are fighting back to save the human race from being wiped out forever by global warming.

We will also be inviting accredited tv crews, journalists, and photographers from every major newspaper and magazine company from every country on the planet along with hundreds of citizen journalists to join us for the Noah’s Ark rescue mission to the South Pacific to raise awareness about the island nations that are disappearing beneath the rising sea levels, and to offer our genuine solutions to stop global warming, all of which will also be filmed for our reality tv show which will be entitled “Can You Save the Human Race? and subtitled “Save the South Pacific Islands”.

All 68 episodes of our reality tv show for the children of the world will be offered free to every mainstream television channel on the earth so that they will be able to broadcast the truth about the cataclysmic consequences of global warming and the true story of how the eco-warriors have been fighting back for many years to support the ordinary working people everywhere and attempting to help ensure the survival of future generations.

Our modern-day version of Noah’s Ark will have a crew of activist volunteers for the six month rescue mission to the South Pacific and many of them will also be experienced citizen journalists who have been publishing their news about the environmental protests and campaigns in the alternative media and on the social networking sites on the internet.

The musicians and performers who come with us will be protest singers and the scientists will be qualified in their field of expertise related to investigating and monitoring global warming and the environment in general, and there will also be as many as a thousand paying passengers with a serious interest in supporting the environmental cause by helping to contribute to our costs and expenses by actually paying money for their tickets.

The Noah’s Ark Campaign is obviously also about helping to publicise the need for more protection everywhere to help ensure the survival of the animals, and everyone who comes with us on board Noah’s Ark will be able to bring their pets with them and if possible we will also bring with us two of every kind of endangered species.

When Noah’s Ark finally sets sail on its appointment with destiny and there are thousands of journalists filming the project hopefully it will become the greatest reality tv show in history starting the process of changing the direction that humanity is heading in away from the terrible ecological disaster that looms ahead and towards a brighter tomorrow and a better life for everybody on the earth.

All over the world people are desperately searching for the solutions to stop global warming and save the human race from extinction but what is being overlooked are the elephants in the room which are the fossil fuel industries which must be closed down forever if humanity is going to be able to survive for much longer.

The Noah’s Ark Campaign is all about offering the people of the world a vision of the future that will save the human race and ensure the survival of future generations for all time to come, but it will take real team work from everybody on the earth working together just like the war effort during the second world war which might seem impossible to achieve but maybe Noah’s Ark will be the miracle that we have all been praying for.