The Peoples’ Climate Conference


The eco-warriors’ reality TV show for the children of the world is all about how all life on earth will be driven to extinction very soon as a result of global warming caused by the burning of fossil fuels, and how the environmental movement is fighting back to raise public awareness everywhere by supporting local protests, organising the Peoples’ Climate Conference in the Colne Valley, and offering our genuine solutions to save the human race before it is too late.

We tell the truth about how the American government has been hijacked and taken over by a gang of greedy criminals working for the fossil fuel industries that are hell-bent on denying that climate change is actually occurring and who want to sell the $100 trillion worth of fossil fuel reserves (coal, oil, and gas) that are still under the ground, which will definitely guarantee the extinction of humanity within a few short years.

Massive resistance to the evil murderous genocidal corporate dictatorship in America is building up all around the earth and the World Revolution is being led by the women and children who are determined to stop global warming and save humanity from extinction and ensure the survival of future generations.

The eco-warriors plan to open a protection camp in the Colne Valley that is threatened with being destroyed to make way for the HS2 high speed rail link from London to Birmingham, and it will be called the International Climate Camp where the People’s Climate Conference and free off-grid Global Warming Solutions Festival will be held every weekend this summer.

Our reality TV show “Can You Save the Human Race? – Humanity Faces Extinction” tells the story of how the local residents in the nearby towns and villages fight back to save the nature reserves in their neighbourhood from being destroyed by following the script of the satirical comedy film “Passport to Pimlico,” declaring their independence from central government, and turning their local communities into sustainable futuristic eco-villages using solar power, permaculture, and wind turbines.

The International Climate Camp and the Peoples’ Climate Conference in the Colne Valley will attract environmental activists from all over the planet and the resulting worldwide publicity will encourage the British and American people to also declare independence themselves in every town, city, and village in Britain and America to fight back against their corrupt and crooked governments and the banks and corporations that secretly employ them.

The eco-warriors will continue to help raise awareness about the imminent extinction of all life on earth including the human race, by publicising our Noah’s Ark Campaign to take hundreds of scientists, journalists, environmental activists, and musicians and performers to the South Pacific islands to try to save the entire island nations of Tuvalu, Kiribati, Tokelau, Vanuatu, and the Marshall Islands from disappearing forever beneath the rising sea levels.

Citizen journalists and mainstream media reporters and TV crews on board Noah’s Ark will publish and broadcast the true story about how the South Pacific islanders are losing their homes and their countries to the rising seas as global warming destroys the earth and makes the planet uninhabitable, and the resulting publicity will encourage towns and cities all over the world to also declare their independence and save themselves from the ravages of climate change.